Playing and Discovering Sustainably

For all PLAYMOBIL products, including the PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR playsets, all shipping and sales packaging is made from nearly 100% recycled cardboard or recycled paper. Additionally, the assembly instructions included in the individual packaging are made entirely from recycled paper.

With which raw materials is PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR manufactured?

* The colourful PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR playsets are made from at least 90% plastics that can be traced back, using the mass balance approach employed in the circular economy and based on the ISCC 208 standard, to materials left over from food or paper production.

Product Sustainability Information

Detailed information about the products and their characteristics can be found at the following link.


After the successful use of mechanically recycled material in several play worlds, we are taking another step towards the use of sustainable materials with the mass balancing procedure. Mass balancing is employed to increase the proportion of renewable and recycled raw materials in our base materials. This helps reduce the use of primarily fossil-based raw materials and overall lowers the carbon footprint of the plastics used.

Through mass balancing with corresponding certifications across the entire value chain, we can ensure that over 90 percent of the raw materials used for the production of PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR come from plant-based sources. The plant-based materials we use are derived from residues of the food and paper industries and are utilised as certified renewable and recycled raw materials at our suppliers, along with primarily fossil-based materials, in the production process.

PLAYMOBIL on the Path to Sustainable Success

To protect the environment and its resources, the Horst Brandstätter Group, which owns the PLAYMOBIL brand, has set ambitious goals. By 2027, the Group plans to become fully climate-neutral and aims to offset all self-generated emissions. By 2030, a closed-loop material cycle is targeted to be established, allowing products manufactured and already used to be 100% reusable. Learn more about the goals and sustainability initiatives of the Horst Brandstätter Group here:
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